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Redskins Flag Football -- Ken vs. Kevin

We know that suffering through fourteen posts consisting of fictional flag football selections can be a tad rough on the masses. Enter lucky number fifteen!! (If you think we aren't doing this again next season, you are living in a dream world--this was a lot of fun, and we can really refine the process.)

Kevin and I each wrote a small blurb giving you a little flavor on what went into our selections. Let the trash-talking begin in earnest. Please vote for one of these teams below. We did not do a very good job of laying out the rules for the flag game we are playing here, but as you can see from my team, I am anticipating a very physical affair at the line of scrimmage (there is no five-second count giving RG3 any free time to set and throw, though Kevin's team attorneys are pushing hard for one).

The loser of this will be subjected to starring in an upcoming Hogs Haven video that will be primarily written and directed by the winner. We would prefer if you base your vote on which team would win, but the stakes here also lend themselves to being a factor. Here are our very brief summations (after the jump):


The Larry Michaels (Ken) Cerrato's Handicaps (Kevin)
1 Fred Davis Robert Griffin III
2 Brandon Banks Pierre Garcon
3 Brian Orakpo Josh Wilson
4 Chris Cooley Niles Paul
5 DeAngelo Hall Lorenzo Alexander
6 Josh Morgan
Tanard Jackson
7 Chase Minnifield
Perry Riley

KEVIN: The Cerrato's Handicaps War Room had a very simple strategy....draft guys that have competitive experience playing football on both sides of the ball with a premium on speed. RGIII and Pierre Garcon have not played defense before, but their speed and talent as a combination trumps any other possible combination on the Redskins roster. Perry Riley, Tanard Jackson, Lorenzo Alexander, Josh Wilson all played defense and offense. RG3, Pierre Garcon, and Niles Paul were all track stars. Speed, size, athleticism....this team has it all.

KEN: When the Larry Michaels lost out on RG3, we knew we would have to be more physical on the line and be able to platoon guys at quarterback (neither Rex nor Kirk are ideal defensive players). Fred Davis, Brian Orakpo and Chris Cooley give me the size and strength I need to run it on offense and to hold the line on defense, with Cooley being a very valuable block-and-release receiver on offense. On defense, I fully intend to use Banks to flush RG3 to his left (the automatic rush is deadly with a player of this speed) and Hall, Minnifield and Morgan are all skilled enough to catch and cover. I would likely make Josh Morgan the starter at quarterback, and would make the other team stop Fred Davis first before getting too saucy with the play-calling. Fred Davis and Brandon Banks at center will cause Kevin to make some tough coverage decisions that will open up other things for my offense.