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Redskins Flag Football: Ken's Sixth Round Pick

We'll throw out our last few picks of this flag football draft over the course of today. We understand that it is tedious to read this one pick at a time, but that is how we drew it up and we hope that we can develop this theme in subsequent years/offseasons.

In this game, there is full contact on the line of scrimmage, and no delay on the rush. Kevin's team has no way to physically match up with my squad.

As you all know, we made all these picks prior to posting so that comments would not affect future picks. After starting to draw out Kevin a little bit--he is getting nervous--I felt the need to make everyone aware of Kevin's obvious tell.

I can tell you are starting to doubt your team when you take shots at me. It's your tell.
I like my matchups so far. You still have no answer for Fred Davis and there is none coming. You have also made a HUGE error by leaving my secret weapon available. Josh Morgan--a DC native--played quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback for HD Woodson High School. He is an ATHLETE and will give me major matchup advantages on both sides of the ball. I have size, speed, strength, and raw athleticism. You have RG3 and that's it.

When the readers vote which team they would rather have, it won't even be close.


The Larry Michaels (Ken) Cerrato's Handicaps (Kevin)
1 Fred Davis Robert Griffin III
2 Brandon Banks Pierre Garcon
3 Brian Orakpo Josh Wilson
4 Chris Cooley Niles Paul
5 DeAngelo Hall Lorenzo Alexander
6 Josh Morgan