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How Many Are You Keeping - Safeties

Happy Saturday everyone. As you're reading this, I'm (weather permitting) out playing cricket in a field somewhere. I know that's a rather irrelevant piece of information in regards to this post, but I thought you all would like to know... I digress.

Last night we looked at how many running backs you guys would keep on the final 53-man roster. Today, its the safeties turn. Both free and strong safeties are perceived weaknesses of the Redskins defense. We lost our starting safety pair from last season, LaRon Landry and Oshiomogho Atogwe, to free agency this offseason. But even with those guys, our secondary was still below par. I don't exactly expect the guys we brought in to replace them to be that much worse considering both of them suffered with injuries throughout the year.

Anyway, here's who we currently have on the roster at safety according to

Jordan Bernstine

Reed Doughty

DeJon Gomes

Tanard Jackson

Brandon Meriweather

Madieu Williams

As always, I'll jump in with my view after the jump.

I'm keeping four. I'd cut Bernstine and Doughty from that list above, and carry the rest of the guys. I'd invite Bernstine back to the practice squad if he's still available. I think Jackson and Meriweather start at free and strong safety respectively. Williams and Gomes are versatile enough to back up either position, and I don't think there's anything Doughty/Bernstine would offer over these guys.

So how many are you keeping at safety? Let us know who and why in the comments below.