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Redskins Flag Football: Kevin's 5th Round Pick

Continuing our series of drafting the ultimate Flag Football team using only the Redskins' current roster...

Cooley, who's been on IR two of the last 3 years. His best quality is breaking tackles - so what's he adding here when the Skins have speed all over the roster? DHall I don't have a real knock on...his best game is 1-on-1.

Cerrato's Handicaps select Lorenzo Alexander. The One Mang Gang is as good as it gets for Flag Football. He's played practically every single position at a competitive level (hence the nickname), and I've instructed him to treat kickoffs as if they were tackle. He'll be able to be a hybrid OLine/TE, DLine, and he has the speed to cover...your roster is actually making me laugh out loud at this point, or as Parks would say, "LOL."

Round The Larry Michaels (Ken) Cerrato's Handicaps (Kevin)
1 Fred Davis Robert Griffin III
2 Brandon Banks Pierre Garcon
3 Brian Orakpo Josh Wilson
4 Chris Cooley Niles Paul
5 DeAngelo Hall Lorenzo Alexander