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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. As I woke up this morning on my basement floor, the hum of my neighbor's generator gently reminding me of my situation, I wondered how many of you out there find yourselves without power. I hope that this sixpack has a cooling effect on all of you.

2. I attended yesterday's final round of the AT&T National at Congressional with Kevin, Ted (Liger) and Ms. LN--the only thing hotter than the sun was that double shot of bourbon somebody put in my hand. There were a few jerseys in attendance but the one that caught my eye was ol' #17. Kevin and I were sure it was a Doug Williams jersey. Nope. Jason Campbell. You all know what a huge proponent I was for JC (not as much as LJP) but on a hot, hot day, rocking a Redskins jersey is a statement. Color me a bit surprised that the statement made involved the former Auburn player. Any thoughts on what happens to our good friend Jason Campbell in 2012?

3. The question I received from 90% of the people I spoke to around the golf course was about none other than Robert Griffin III. Shocker, I know. I would have thought that I would at least get a Cooley question, or maybe even an Orakpo or Fletcher question. I did not get any. I did, however, field a great Shanahan question, which I will share lower, but in case anyone was worried that the RG3 show was losing is not. In case anyone was worried that a bunch of RG3 doubters are gaining traction...that has not been my experience.

4. This has been a very therapeutic process for me. Leading into the draft, and then through the days beyond it, everyone was running around like the building was on fire. It would be a bit of a stretch to suggest that calmness has fully set in around these parts. The truth is that until RG3 takes the field, we are all going to be just a little bit crazy. Not "Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood crazy," but definitely "Charlie Sheen on a normal day crazy." Now, when I get the chance to discuss Griffin, my response is much less canned and feels way more "for real." I DO see him having a great year. I DON'T see him replicating Cam Newton's 2011 performance, but I DON'T think that will take away from what I DO think will be a very, very solid rookie year. I am more worried about our defense replicating Carolina's 2011 year on defense (bottom five in terms of total yards given up). Is RG3 legit? Yeah...I really, really believe he is legit.

5. The Shanahan question that I loved was essentially centered around Shanahan's naming of Griffin as our starter. (I forget the exact wording because of...well...the aforementioned bourbon.) The ensuing conversation really got me thinking. I believe that for all the reasons that it made sense to name RG3 the starter so early, one in particular is paying off for me and perhaps for some of you. Today, RG3 has been our starter for almost two full months. Some may scoff at the notion of two whole months of stability at the quarterback position during the offseason--not many here in town though. Part of what has made this summer easier to handle (without whipping myself into a daily frenzy over whatthehellwearegoingtodoohmygod) is the fact that there is nothing to get frenzied over. Griffin is the starter. We are heading into camp without that question mark. (Uhhh...there are other question marks to concern ourselves with of course--but let's take a day off from wondering if RG3 will survive a year behind our line.)

6. A fan of a certain Baltimore team overheard my conversation about RG3 and my various assertions and interjected, "How in the world can you measure a quarterback who has not yet played against his peers?" I replied, "By height."