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Redskins Flag Football: Ken's 4th Round Pick

Continuing our series of drafting the ultimate Flag Football team using only the Redskins' current roster...

I must admit I was hoping Josh Wilson was going to last just a little bit longer. But Kevin's team is so far not at all constructed to win the physical aspect of this game. This is not a "hands at your sides, no contact at the line" game. The line of scrimmage is a violent place. I am adding Chris Cooley to mine. He doesn't have the speed, but he can block--more importantly, he is a receiver at a blocking position. If you have ever played flag football, you know that teams utilize their linemen in a variety of ways. I can run behind Davis, Orakpo and Cooley. I can throw to Davis and Cooley. They are all big and strong enough to create a pocket to pass from and on defense, I can rush Banks around any of them to put serious pressure on RG3. For RG3 to throw deep to Garçon or Wilson, he will need time. I don't intend to give it to him.

Round The Larry Michaels (Ken) Cerrato's Handicaps (Kevin)
1 Fred Davis Robert Griffin III
2 Brandon Banks Pierre Garcon
3 Brian Orakpo Josh Wilson
4 Chris Cooley