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Redskins Flag Football: Kevin's 2nd Round Pick

Continuing our series of drafting the ultimate Flag Football team using only the Redskins' current roster, Ken and I go head to head in a competition resulting in loser having to post a YouTube video. Click each player's name for the explanation of that pick.

Brandon Banks as QB eh? This is getting funny. He threw a duck to Moss on that one TD vs the Pats, which surely won't fly in flag football. And who doesn't want a 5'6 corner?

I'm taking Pierre Garcon....he's got speed, which is evident from his track days, and he's thrown the ball before in college on plays. He's extremely shifty with the ball and oh, he's 6' foot. Good luck covering him.

Round The Larry Michaels (Ken) Cerrato's Handicaps (Kevin)
1 Fred Davis Robert Griffin III
2 Brandon Banks Pierre Garcon