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Redskins Flag Football: Ken's 2nd Round Pick

Continuing our series of drafting the ultimate Flag Football team using only the Redskins' current roster, Kevin and I go head to head in a competition resulting in loser having to post a YouTube video. Click each player's name for the explanation of that pick.

I am taking Brandon Banks with my second pick. I have the size and strength with Fred Davis and now I have a speed guy that can cause problems for Kevin's defense. I don't intend for him to be the full-time quarterback, but I do intend to line him up there for direct snaps a handful of times per game.

Executed properly, outside sweep plays should be good for big chunks of yardage with him getting the direct snap. On defense, I intend to use Banks to rush the passer from Griffin's right. I do not ever want him rolling to his right. Banks should have the speed and agility to--at the bare minimum--flush Griffin from the pocket, and will likely have a few sacks to boot.

Round The Larry Michaels (Ken) Cerrato's Handicaps (Kevin)
1 Fred Davis Robert Griffin III
2 Brandon Banks