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Which Redskins Players Would You Want On Your Flag Football Team?

In the final week of off-season news (holy crap it's almost over), Ken and I decided to do a fun series of posts where we each draft seven Redskins for our own flag football team. Anything but another "rankings" post, right? Obviously, one wants players that can play both positions. I suggested to Ken that Robert Griffin III should be the automatic QB for both teams, but he lamented against that. Since I won the coin toss, I selected Robert Griffin III. Ken will have the next two picks to make up for that. We're doing our draft over email and the selections and replies are getting quite heated. It's quite funny and we will for sure include that back and forth in the posts.

We're going to have a poll at the end with a bet on the line that the loser has to post a video to our SB Nation You Tube channel heavily influenced by the winner. Should be good. Who wants the video version of Ken in a towel?

With the 1st pick in the 2012 Flag Football League Draft, the Cerrato's Handicaps select: Robert Griffin III.

If you're going to start a flag football team, it'd be ridiculous to not pick a track star that threw for over 70% accuracy at a D1 school. This is such a slam dunk pick that drafting 6 Malcolm Kelly's after this pick, my team would still probably smoke whatever team Ken puts together by 50 points.