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Video: Lorenzo Alexander Trains Hogs Haven in TRX at His Studio

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It doesn't really show, but I've actually been hitting the gym hard the last six months. Since these off-season months are the best time to catch up with Redskins players, I asked Lorenzo Alexander, a certified TRX trainer, if I could work out with him one morning at the studio Kedric Golston and him own together, The Studio MBS. Lorenzo graciously accepted so I headed out to Ashburn, VA, last Saturday morning. To preface this, my workouts are like most: running, biceps, legs, and shoulders. The abs and core don't get nearly enough work, especially since it's summertime and outdoor drinking is my favorite thing.

Lorenzo worked me for an hour doing suspension training where your core is constantly getting squeezed. It's not hard to predict how this goes, but it was a great time and I was able to get through the large majority of it. As One Man Gang mentioned, TRX is as hard as you want it to be. Thanks again to Lorenzo for teaching me the correct motions. Check out his gym website for training sessions. Pictures and more video after the jump.

Front view of the studio...




TRX room where we worked out...


Ballet room downstairs for the kids (and Ken Meringolo).


Here's an out-take for the one workout I could not do, at least anywhere near Lorenzo's level. Rocking back even 12 inches burned like no other. A good thing, obviously, but man, I got a ways to go.