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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. Between the time I woke up this morning and the time I hit the pillow tonight, I will have flown from D.C to Phoenix for one meeting and then on to Kansas City for meetings the rest of the week. I don't often do this kind of travel for work, so it boggles my mind when it is suggested to me by some that this is at all "normal." I would like to take the opportunity to thank the good people who write and produce the show "Archer." It is carrying me through these cross-country flights.

2. And now, a quick letter:

Dear Elderly Woman Sitting Next To Me On the Flight to Phoenix This Morning,

I am not sure if you were trying to see what was playing on my ipad or not. I was definitely trying to shield it from your view. I have seen people watch more inappropriate things on the airplane before than "Archer," but something about the cartoonization of rather raunchy acts--even the suggestion--makes me blush. Watch Season One before you judge me.


The guy who was watching cartoon characters smoke drugs and have sex from DC to Phoenix

3. Whenever I travel, I always try and make the NFL connection to the city I am visiting. Today, I am in Arizona Cardinals' country. You know what I have found after coming here four or five times in the last two years? There are WAY more fans of other teams here than there are fans of the Cardinals.

4. The DC area gets bad juice for having a lot of fans of other teams. On one hand, we do live in a rather transient town, with folks from all over cycling in and out for jobs both in and out of the government. On the other hand, it is NOTHING like Arizona. It is not even like there are front-running fans of the popular teams. The two guys I am here with are fans of the Lions and the Browns! It is very strange.

5. Tomorrow, though, I will be in Kansas City. I am looking forward to hanging out in a Chiefs bar downtown tomorrow night. Anyone out there know where I should go?

6. I have a great deal of respect for Kansas City fans. I hope that doesn't change after this week. I like the way they support their team. I like the way they establish home field advantage for their team. I like to think that is the kind of fans we are--by "we" I mean all the good folks who come to Hogs Haven everyday.

Talk to you tomorrow from Kansas City.