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Redskins Rank 21st in Teams with Best "Under 25 years old" Talent

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Mike Shanahan has overhauled the Redskins roster from his predecessor, Jim Zorn, but the quality of the youngsters is still lacking compared to other teams. From the Football Outsiders and ESPN Insider, the Redskins ranked 21st:

We are unabashed RG3 boosters. He had one of the two highest Lewin Career Forecast scores in the history of the system. However, the cost of trading up to get him, as well as decades of bad drafting by Bruce Allen's predecessors, mean that the cupboard around him is mostly bare. Stars and scrubs continues to be the theme in Landover. DE Brian Orakpo graduates our list and is replaced by Ryan Kerrigan. Between Roy Helu and Evan Royster there are probably a few good seasons of rushing to be found. LT Trent Williams is good, if injury-prone, and Perry Riley stepped in nicely at linebacker at midseason. Griffin III will probably be worth his weight in gold, but beyond him, players without questions are hard to find. And this ranking will probably plummet further in future years as the Redskins struggle to find worthy young players without first-round picks.

Fred Davis is 26 years old, so he didn't factor in. Pierre Garcon turns 26 in a few weeks. By my rough count, the Redskins had 25 guys on their roster last year that were 25 years or younger. I'd imagine that's par for the course while most teams have more contribution from those guys. Either way, I can't really argue with our ranking. It'll be higher next year, so it is what it is. The Eagles ranked an impressive 6th, Giants 14th, and Cowboys 20th. Has RGIII or Ribeye signed his contract yet?

In a related note, Football Outsiders just released their 1991 DVOA stats and the 1991 Redskins' stats makes them the #1 team of all time edging out the 2007 Pats.

Washington may have been the most well-rounded team in NFL history. We now have DVOA ratings for 645 teams, and in that whole group, the 1991 Redskins rank 17th in offense, 16th in defense, and 13th in special teams. They rank fifth all-time in pass offense and 11th in pass defense. They aren't ranked as highly on run offense and run defense, but were still among the top ten teams of 1991 in both ratings. The Redskins were the best defense and the third-best offense in the second half with the score within a touchdown, which helps make them the first team to ever hit 16.0 Estimated Wins.