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Hogs Haven British Open/Majors Pool

Don't forget that this week is the British Open and we'll continue our Hogs Haven Major Championship "Pool" over on ESPN. Paxton won his second straight major and is going for the sweep as he got his team to -33 in the US Open, barely beating out TMarine at -32. My guy tells me that Paxton can't handle the British gales and will falter here, his 170th world ranking is about to plummet.

Here are the standings through two majors:

1. Paxton -75
2. tmarine -67
3. CCismyLifeCoach -66
4. Skins Fan '77 -64
4. AinAkron -64
6. Parks -63

If you haven't participated before then feel free to join. Here is the link:

I look forward to keeping track with everyone over the week and weekend. Good luck!