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Is Jim Haslett Perfect for the Redskins?

Jim Haslett is a very hands on coach...
Jim Haslett is a very hands on coach...

After the Redskins Week 3 loss to the Cowboys last year, Jim Haslett quickly became the Rex Grossman of the defense. Haslett's "casino" blitz became a scapegoat and an excuse for nearly every defensive malfunction for the rest of the season. Where in reality the play was more successful than not the rest of the season and the play was not used that often.

But lets be real, wasn't Haslett's all out blitzes exactly what every football fan wants to see? It seems like when a defensive coordinator is hired they are replacing the polar opposite of the predecessor. If the old coordinator was a gambler, then the new one is going to be a conservative style coordinator. I applaud Haslett and his aggressive style of play and hopefully, this year, that will complement an aggressive style offense.

People point to Haslett's track record in his post Steelers days and some even say that hiring Raheem Morris puts Haslett on the hot seat. But is he really? Year three is when Haslett's 3-4 defense should have all the right pieces in place. I, for one, am happy that we have a guy that is ready to roll the dice and be aggressive in 2012.