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LeRibeus and RGIII Contracts Still Not Done?

The Redskins rookies report to Redskins Park today, well, except for Robert Griffin III and Josh LeRibeus who have yet to get their contracts worked out. Via SB Nation via PFT and CSN Washington:

RGIII is set to make $21 million in salary and signing bonuses over four years. But Ben Dogra, Griffin's agent, wants to make sure that in the unlikelihood that RGIII is released during that time that the Redskins will pay in full regardless of how much money Griffin might get from another team instead of the new team offsetting any unpaid guaranteed money.

Sadly, the dispute is ridiculous due to there being no chance the Redskins will release RGIII during that time. But Dogra wants to prove to potential clients that he can get a deal done with no offset language and the Redskins don't want future players knowing that they'll allow them to double-dip between them and a new team.

Missing a day or two of camp is not a huge deal, so hopefully this thing gets wrapped up in the next 24 hours. That report came out yesterday, so I emailed the Redskins this morning for an update. Stay tuned. I'm not sure why the LeRibeus deal is slow getting done. A lot of teams have their second and third round picks signed.