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Antwaan Randle El to Join Redskins Pre-Season Broadcast, Big Ten Network

Will Antwaan Randle El have a signature move in the booth too?
Will Antwaan Randle El have a signature move in the booth too?

Former writer, Gary Fitzgerald, tweeted an Indina news article he came across that Randle El has began his broadcasting career. Via the Times of Northwest Indiana:

[Randle El] will also work on the Big Ten Network's "The Next Level" in the fall as both a color analyst on the football field and in the studio.

He will assist with the Washington Redskins preseason games as an analyst.

He earned a degree in sports communication with a specialization in broadcasting, and did broadcast work with the Steelers, Redskins and NFL Network while he was playing.

The 32-year-old still lives in the Washington D.C. area from his time with the Redskins.

I'm very aware that the name "Randle El" draws negative connotations to many Redskins fans, but we have to remind ourselves he was playing under Jim Zorn's singlezero-dimensional playbook. Three of the four years Randle El played in DC (holy crap that was a seven year contract), he actually put up the same or better numbers than his Steelers day (save the disastrous 2009 season). Given Randle El already has experience broadcasting, I won't be holding my breath for another Charles Mann moment! Also, can we pretend the 1-yard punt return spinoramas never happened. I don't want to relive those.