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How Many Are You Keeping - Wide Receivers

Here's a Saturday post for you guys to mull over. If you're unfamiliar with these posts, I basically list the receivers currently on the roster, and you guys vote for how many you're keeping on the final 53 man roster. We've previously looked at the offensive and defensive lines, voting to keep nine offensive lineman and just six defensive lineman. I had a discussion on twitter this morning with my buddy, LL (go follow him on twitter if you haven't already). Among other things, we got onto the topic of wide receivers. He thinks Aldrick Robinson is going to have a breakout year.

But I digress, with 15 of the 53 total dedicated to the lines, how many are you keeping at wide receiver? Are you going to try and save a couple of spots, or keep as many as possible and cut down elsewhere?

After the jump, I list the wide receivers currently on the Redskins roster.

Anthony Armstrong

Terrance Austin

Brandon Banks

Pierre Garcon

Leonard Hankerson

Darius Hanks

Brian Hernandez

Samuel Kirkland

Lance Lewis

Josh Morgan

Santana Moss

Aldrick Robinson.

Now out of that group, the locks for me are: Garcon, Hankerson, Morgan and Moss. But rumors suggest that Hank and Morgan might not be fully ready come week one. If that's the case, I think I'd carry another three guys. Personally I'd take Austin, Robinson and the camp victor of Lewis/Armstrong. I think I'd favor Lewis because he's a bigger body, and Armstrong has similar attributes to the likes of Robinson as a smaller, quicker receiver. So that means I'd carry seven receivers on the opening day roster.

What do you guys think? How many are you keeping, and who are you letting go? Let us know in the comments below.