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Is Josh Gordon Decision a Referendum on Leonard Hankerson?

Here's a quick topic for us all to debate over the next few hours:

Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have invested--rather heavily--in Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan. They believe they have talent on their hands in some of the younger receivers fighting for roster spots. Santana Moss may very well have some magic left in the tank. The one HUGE question mark that remains in the minds of many is a certain man that goes by the name of Hank the Tank. Leonard Hankerson has the tools. He has the talent. Like many before him and like many after him though, injury has shaped the story here.

Josh Gordon has the tools. He has the talent. Depending on who you believe, his potential is likely worth a third round pick to most personnel men. He is probably worth that to the Washington Redskins. Things get a bit cloudy though when you factor in the lack of a first round pick next year and the seemingly obvious need for offensive linemen and secondary contributors.

To me, it seems that the question Bruce Allen may be asking himself before he submits a bid on the former Baylor player is, "How confident am I that Leonard Hankerson is going to have a career in D.C.?"

If the Redskins think that Hankerson is likely to put the hip injury behind him and play at a high level, there is no way the Redskins will submit a winning bid for Josh Gordon.

If the Redskins feel that Hankerson is not going to get healthy enough to start growing with Robert Griffin III soon, and if they are clinging to some real medical uncertainty, I think that results in a MUCH bolder bid in the supplemental draft.

I think our decision on Josh Gordon today is absolutely a referendum on Leonard Hankerson.