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Video - Darrel Young: Underrated Weapon?

If you've been following me on twitter over the past couple of days, you'll probably have seen me singing the praises of fullback Darrel Young. While re-watching last season's games, I noticed just how effective he was during the limited chances he had with the ball in his hands. He's extremely hard to bring down in the open field, which makes him an excellent yards after the catch and yards after contact candidate. Those are both things the Redskins have clearly focused on this offseason when signing the likes of Pierre Garcon.

I tweeted an idea I had about potentially using Young as a H-Back or maybe even a tight end in certain situations. I feel like if we can get him just a couple of touches a game, he'll be a very useful weapon for us.

Anyway, here's a video I put together on Young and his ability out of the backfield (apologies about the lack of background music, this will be sorted out in the future). I'm sure Kyle Shanahan could come up with inventive ways to get Young in such situations more often.

So what do you think? Should the Redskins find ways to get Young the ball more often, or should Young just stick to blocking? Let us know in the comments below.