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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Update

Who can match the Redskins' brain trust?
Who can match the Redskins' brain trust?

I just wanted to provide everyone with an update on our fantasy football initiative. As of right now we have eleven leagues and over 140 players. We'd like to either cap out at twelve or sixteen leagues. All the leagues are essentially the same and each will have an automatic qualifier into the "Champions League" in 2013.

We are still signing people up, so if you're interested then please shoot me an email at pas493 at If you have sent me an email but have not heard back yet then it means you have been assigned to the most recent league which is not yet full. When the league is full you'll receive an email.

I want to thank everyone for participating in this. It is great to see so much participation and enthusiasm and will certainly make Hogs Haven a fun place this season. We'll also start an initiative with weekly fantasy post with recaps of each league and other fantasy football related material.