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Which Position More Negatively Impacts The Other From Poor Play - Cornerback or Safety?

So for a weekend topic, I thought I'd take this question from our most recent podcast (click here to go listen to that). To clarify, the question is this: does poor cornerback play more negatively impact the safety, or does poor safety play more negatively impact the corners?

For my two cents, I said that I felt poor corners more negatively impact safeties than vice versa. My argument behind that was the safeties, generally speaking, are there as a last line of defense. They will usually be in some sort of a deep zone coverage. If you have poor corners, then multiple receivers could find their way into those zones, leaving safeties with two on one match ups.

Whereas, if the safeties miss a their zone over the top, the corner is still not to blame because the safety was meant to be the last line of the defense.

But that's just my opinion, have at it in the comments below. Remember, this isn't a question of which position is more important overall to a defense, just which position more negatively impacts the other due to poor play.