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Keys to the Tailgate: Libations

Kevin and Ken get ready for the preseason opener versus Pittsburgh last year.
Kevin and Ken get ready for the preseason opener versus Pittsburgh last year.

Last week we focused on parking lot games during the tailgate. Corn hole was the undisputed winner, running over beer pong or Beirut. It was awesome to hear about the other various games that everyone partakes in during the tailgates. I'm sure a number of us will be trying out some of the new games this August or September.

Today we focus on the libations, a key to any tailgate. With the $8 beer era upon us it has become increasingly important to start feeling good in the parking lot. Heck, even Tom Brady recognizes it and finds it essential to the Gillette Stadium home-field advantage.

The FedEx parking lot is almost a class system. You find more Natural Light or Beast in the gray lots, where people are going hard on the gravel and grass. In the green lot you'll find your standard domestic Miller Lite and Bud Light, and also the glory of a Hogs Haven tailgate. As you move to the orange lot, you may find a Bud Light Platinum or perhaps a Michelob Ultra. Then there's the purple lot...the Donald Trumps of the tailgate. The only time I venture through this lot is to go to the porta-potty but every time I do I see an influx of people with posch set ups drinking wine. There's nothing wrong with wine, but at a tailgate?

I'm sure everyone here has a go to tailgate drink, whether it's beer, wine, mixed drink, soda, or maybe even a burgundy and gold party punch. So let's hear it! What get's you in gear on Sundays?