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Redskins Set to Move Training Camp to Richmond

[Editor note 10:35AM: This story has been confirmed by multiple outlets.]

As most of you know, I live in Richmond, VA. You may also know that in March Dan Snyder came to town with some other Redskins brass to check out City Stadium, the former home of the Richmond Spiders to survey it as a future site of the Redskins training camp. Kevin did a piece on the visit in March.

I've heard from multiple sources today ranging from friends that work for the city and in the sports industry, that the Redskins will indeed move their camp to Richmond beginning in 2013. It is also thought that the Skins will make an announcement later this week or maybe even today regarding the move and location.

Road trip to Parks' house?


[Update 11:35AM]

Bob McDonnell will hold a press conference this afternoon, with the Redskins, to announce the team's training camp move to Richmond. The Governor will also announce that the Redskins practice facility and headquarters will stay in Ashburn as part of a $30 million deal with the Skins and the state of Virginia.

The commitment to the city of Richmond is for eight years and camp will last three weeks.