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Area Man Sees Robert Griffin III's Face In Grilled Cheese Sandwich

First it was the face of the Virgin Mary in a bowl of tomato soup. Then it was the silhouette of Jesus on a stretch of moldy wall. And let us not forget Homer's collection of "Leader Beans."

We have a new entrant into the religious visions of revered faces on food and other items found in our daily lives. Hogs Haven is reporting today that a man went to take a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich and just barely avoided taking a huge bite of what he perceived to be the face of our recent top draft pick, Robert Griffin III (photo after the jump).

The gentleman from Kensington, MD told local members of the media, "It was weird. I had just finished watching the season finale of Game of Thrones and I was pretty fired up about the way they treated Tyrion. To say I 'angrily' grilled my sandwich would be an understatement. I think I might have flipped it one or two more times than I normally would. But there was nothing else really that I did that would explain how RG3's face ended up on my grilled cheese sandwich."

Just as Kelli Johnson of Comcast Sportsnet asked him if planned on putting the sandwich on eBay, the throng of reporters looked over to see a tall, skinny white dude that answers to the name "Ewok" eating the sandwich and exclaiming, "Hey, dude, how did you get Andre3000 from Outkast's face on this grilled cheese sandwich?"