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Best Play of 2011 Nominee: Rex Grossman To Anthony Armstrong '50 Yard Bomb'

Anthony Armstrong didn't have the season last year that he thought he would heading in 2011, but one soggy day in Seattle, he came up huge. On third and 19, down by 3 with 6:29 left on the clock, Rex Grossman threw a bomb to Armstrong deep in the end-zone.

Armstrong was closely defended by Seattle corner-back Brandon Browner, who quite noticeably interfered on the play as well. The end result was a spectacular 50 yard touchdown catch by Armstrong, who immediately did the 'Dougie' afterwards in celebration. The score put the Redskins in the lead for good, they would go on to win the game 23-17 which ended a 6 game losing streak.


Other Nominee's for Best Play of 2011

Ryan Kerrigan's First NFL INT and TD Against the Giants (Week 1)
Tim Hightower With a 37 Yard TD run Against the Ravens (Pre Season)
The Helu Hurdle (Week 12)
Brandon Banks TD Pass to Santana Moss (Week 14)