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How Many Are You Keeping - Offensive Line

Training camp is still about a month away for the Washington Redskins, but Head Coach Mike Shanahan faces some tough decisions with who to cut and who to keep. So I thought I would open it up to you guys to see how many players you would keep at each position. The position we're focusing in this post, if you haven't guessed from the title, is the offensive line.

In an ideal world, the team would be able to keep just eight guys; five starters, and three back-ups in case of injury. But when you have as poor an offensive line as we've had over the past few years, you usually carry nine or even ten.

After the jump, I've listed the guys we currently have to choose from.

Offensive tackles:

Jammal Brown

Tom Compton

Tyler Polumbus

Willie Smith

Trent Williams

Offensive guards:

Chris Chester

Adam Gettis

Maurice Hurt

Josh LeRibeus

Kory Lichtensteiger

Nick Martinez

Nevin McCaskill


Eric Cook

Grant Garner

Will Montgomery

Personally, I think I would keep nine. I'd love to go with just three tackles, but I think with Trent Williams one puff away from a year-long suspension and Jammal Brown as the right tackle, you need to keep four tackles. Then I'd keep the three returning interior starting lineman, and add the two rookies to that. So my final nine lineman would be: Trent, Brown, Smith, Compton, Chester, Montgomery, Lichtensteiger, Gettis and LeRibeus. Polumbus would probably be my first practice squad candidate if he fails to sign on elsewhere.

How many would you keep, and who would you let go?