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2011 Play of the Year Nominee: TIMMY!

This series has two obvious frontrunners for the HOGGY (kind of like an ESPY and yes there will be a banquet) Play of the Year. Kevin already hit on the lowest of hanging fruit with the Kerrigan play, I'm sure the other contender will be in the mix soon. I wanted to go a little outside of the box. I thought about Jabbar Gaffney's awesome/underrated touchdown catch against the Vikings, but it's Friday and you guys need some Kool-Aid!

After the injury last year some people (cough Diesel cough cough) are treating Tim Hightower as a decrepit old man. WRONG (and that's a fact). The 26 year old is what he is, a beast and a power runner. Hightower and Helu might be the greatest combo in professional sports since "Shake n' Bake" Ricky Bobby and Cal Noughton Jr... What can Hightower bring to the table and why was he re-signed by "The Bruce"? Check this out:

Overtime Kool-Aid: Check out Trent Williams block on Ray Lewis.