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Details of the RGIII Extortion Plot Are Coming to Light

Let me preface this with I don't know a lot about Black Sports Online, but they certainly have reported things in the past and our the #8 sports blog in the country according to Technorati. Plus, the CEO has a sweet shirt. BSO's source explains the details:

What Hurd had against Griffin was private photos and videos of RG3. The type of pics and videos that routinely show op on sites like MediaTakeOut if you catch my drift.

Hurd contacted Griffin's agent and demanded $500k or he would release the photos and video to the media. I can confirm that there wasn't anything illegal on the photos or video. Embarrassing maybe, but harmless in the grand scheme of things.

And then this nugget:

After some investigation we have found out that Hurd is the Ex Boyfriend of RG3′s fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat.

Whatever. It's in the past. Plus, I have geeky stats I don't understand, but think I do, to research. Oh, and add Terrell Owens to the 'getting extorted' club.

What's really relevant though with the Redskins? Pretty much the entire Redskins WR corps flew to Waco, TX, to workout with RGIII. He explains:

"But we knew we needed to get together," Griffin told me. "I offered that they could come to Waco. We got workout facilities and everything. Shockingly, I convinced them to come to Waco, Texas, because not everybody wants to do that. I think next year we'll do it somewhere more flashy, more vacation-like. Miami or Los Angeles, because I won't have an apartment in Waco to move out of. But those guys made the sacrifice to come down and see me. So, it's great that we're already starting off on the right foot. ... All those guys are coming down to throw. For those guys to show that they're willing to come to Waco, Texas to workout with me lets me know they believe in me."