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Best Play of 2011 Nominee: Ryan Kerrigan's Week 1 TD

Today, the Hogs Haven staff will be bringing you the best plays from the 2011 season. Despite our record and John Freakin Beck, the Redskins had some memorable moments. For me, the best play of the year was Ryan Kerrigan's tip pass interception week one to break a 14-14 tie game at home versus the Giants.

The situation was a Giants 3rd down and 11 with the Redskins showing blitz. Hakeem Nicks was all alone to the right with DeAngelo Hall playing eight yards off and the safety cheating on the other side. A quick screen to Nicks could have spelled big trouble. RT Kareem McKenzie's only job is to execute a cut block so Manning's quick screen won't get deflected. It was horrible execution, Kerrigan picked up on it to back off, and the ball came right to him. Queue the Coughlin Face.

The added benefit of this week one TD is that Redskins fans got an early relief that our high draft pick is actually good. That fortune continued as Kerrigan played every single defensive snap in 2011.