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Slow News Day: Rays of Sunshine

He makes you happy, when clouds are gray...
He makes you happy, when clouds are gray...

We're almost there, it's almost July. July means training camp, training camp means real football, real football means real news! I think since two years ago, the last time we've had a "real" offseason, we've forgotten how slow things could be. Last offseason stunk because of the lockout, but at least we were getting and digesting some sort of news. Since the 2010 offseason twitter has exploded, Hogs Haven has changed, and Ken Meringolo has only gotten more hairy. We all grab morsels of news now and digest it as quickly as possible. But lets face it, the players are on vacation and this is the slowest point of the year. We all have cabin fever and simply talk about our opinions based on a truck load of hypothetical. We "Called All Football Minds" and try to find ways to get us out of the doldrums. Well I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, or maybe it's a train?

In the spirit of being positive here are some things to be excited about with the 2012 Redskins:

  • This is going to be an exciting team to watch. There is so much youth on the offensive side of the ball, win or lose these guys are going to be fun to watch next season and over the next few years.
  • Robert Griffin III: Who isn't excited to see this guy strap it up and ball in August?
  • Perry Riley: Do I think Riley is currently overrated by Skins fans? Yes. But I'm still really excited to see him play a full season next to London Fletcher and grow into a linebacker that can lead us for a long time.
  • Thunder and Lightning. I like the versatility in our backfield and appreciate the differences between Tim Hightower and Roy Helu. I think both will get the bulk of the carries and then you can throw in Alfred Morris and Evan Royster as a bonus.
  • Leadership: You are going to see a lot of good, young leaders grow together on this team on both sides of the ball. It won't necessarily translate to immediate success but it will be exciting to watch over the course of the next decade for Skins fans.
  • Josh LiRibeus Interviews: You know these are going to be amazing!
  • Playing Baltimore: We haven't hosted the Stringer Bells in quite awhile. I'm looking forward to all the trash talk and the actual game. I'd almost like to win this game more than any other.

So what are you most looking forward to this year? And I'm not talking records, results, or stats.