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Prepared to be Disappointed September 16

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It's like a bad cold you just can't kick, the Redskins annual early season match up with the St. Louis Rams. We can't just get away from these guys! This year the annual early season showdown will happen on September 16. This will be the FIFTH (freaking fifth!?!?) year in a row we've played the Rams? During that time frame the teams have split with the average score being a sizzling 16-15 match up in favor of the Rams.

Before we get into this year's storyline let me preface by saying the Edward Dead Dome is the worst place to play in the NFL. The place is dark, dingy, and quiet. It also just seems like the fans just don't care, except for the ones following Ram Rules! Thankfully there's also a Rams Rule 2.0, FIELD GOAL!

Beyond the depressing venue this year's match up will have a new feel with Rams' coach Jeff Fisher holding all of our first round draft picks until 2027. It would just seem right to lose this one and to see Fisher rub salt in the proverbial wound. Lets just hope the turf monsters that haunted Clinton Portis in St. Louis left with Steve Spagnuolo.