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Conversation Starters: Predicting the Most Disappointing Game of 2012

These days at Hogs Haven are like the equivalent of our OTA's. We are putting ourselves through the paces, coming up with as many topics as we can think of to get our stamina back up and ready for the 2012 campaign. Some of you might think we are reaching, but it's just some serious stretching. As you all know, I hate the idea of contemplating losses, but this topic seems fun since, let's face it, we have had a pretty long run of at least one crazy disappointing loss each year.

Kevin stole my Cleveland Browns answer to this one. Of all the games on the schedule, the one featuring a muddled quarterback situation and, well...the Cleveland Browns, just leaps off the page at me as the one we are very likely to somehow fail to show up for this season.

Instead of the Cleveland Browns, I'll scoot over to another foe that I have been fretting a lot about lately--the Minnesota Vikings. Have I told you lately...


Percy Harvin wants out. Adrian Peterson is coming back from a very serious knee injury. Christian Ponder is still young, raw and has very few weapons. Toby Gerhart is white. I mean...this stuff adds up in a hurry.

This game will be played in Week Six, when the Redskins will be looking to build some momentum...hopefully. Precariously perched between a home game against Atlanta and our first NFC East tilt against the Giants, this Vikings matchup at FedEx Field will be dripping with expectations shared by every member of the Redskins faithful.

Traditionally, this is when we experience the ol' uppercut to the beanbag.