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RG3 Speaks About Extortion Attempt at Rookie Symposium

The rookie symposium is wrapping up in Cleveland and Robert Griffin III spoke to the media today about the recent extortion incident. Via the Associated Press:

"There's vultures out there, people looking to climb on top of all your money,"

"It's something I knew was coming," Griffin said, "and when you hear those guys (former NFL players) talk about being careful and keep your circle real small - all those things come back to you when you hear about stuff like this. You've got to be careful with who you trust."

"There's a fine line between guarding yourself and being guarded," he said. "I think I do a pretty good job of guarding myself, even with this situation. It's just something unfortunate that happened so I think guys can learn. It's just something that everyone can learn from and just move on."

Would all the over-priced free agents that came to D.C. in the Snyder era be vultures too? RG3 listened to Michael Vick and Pacman Jones speak as part of the symposium weekend. My followup question to the "vultures" line would have had something Kardashian related.