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Conversation Starters: Kirk Cousins Version

It's going to happen. At some point this training camp some nine year old or ih8dallas is going to mistake Kirk Cousins for Chris Cooley and promptly ask for Mr. Cooley's autograph. Clearly if we're comparing strictly looks then the Cousins-Cooley connection is a no brainer and almost creepy. But who does Cousins compare to outside of our stud muffin, veteran tight end?


To compare the tale of Cousins to the Redskins' past we must venture back to a dark time in Redskins history, a time that was full of optimism and immediately deflated. In 1994 the Redskins had the third overall pick. "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkinson went number one overall to the Bengals and Marshall Faulk went number two to the Colts. The Redskins then promptly selected Heath Shuler out of the University of Tennessee. It was a selection between Shuler or Trent Dilfer who later went sixth overall to the Buccaneers.

Many rounds past and the Redskins found themselves on the clock again in the seventh. Surprisingly only three other quarterbacks had been taken since the Dilfer pick in the first. With the 197th pick the Redskins took a young, gun slinger out of Tulsa, Gus Frerotte.

Frerotte and Cousins both stand a 6'3 and were both around 215 lbs. Both were also brought in to become a stable back up for a really high draft pick. Frerotte ended up starting four games his rookie year and would start on and off for the next four years before going to the Lions. He is most well known for his infamous headbutt against the Giants, but Frerotte also made the Pro Bowl as a Redskin in 1996.

For Robert Griffin III and the Redskins fan base's sake, lets hope that history does not repeat itself. Sorry Kirk (and Ken).