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Conversation Starters: Comparing Tom Compton to Joe Jacoby

Let it not be said that we don't give the people what they want. No...I am not referring to the ridiculous title or post topic. I am talking about the fact that people want more Redskins-related topics, and less off-topic stuff. I am making no promises, but this week, you are going to get a healthy does of Redskins banter.

So, as Kevin said, we will summarize all of these conversation starters with votes at the end of the week so you can ring in on which you agree with the most.

Sooooooo...about that ridiculous title...

Joe Jacoby belongs in the Hall of Fame. I can't wait for that induction party. But before he became a Hall of Fame tackle, he went undrafted. This was when there were 157 rounds in the NFL Draft. Tom Compton went in the sixth round of the most recent draft.

While Jacoby stands a little taller than Compton, Tom has a few extra pounds on Joe (weight from Joe's playing days of course). Both ran the 40-yard dash in close to five seconds flat.

What compelled me to write this particular comparison is not so much about comparing film or technique or even style. I see one guy who was told by every team in the league that he was not going to make it in the NFL--as evidenced by Jacoby going undrafted. I see another guy from a school who has never had a player drafted into the league before (according to NFL Draft Scout). Tom Compton performed well at the NFL Combine, but still was left sweating it out on draft weekend. By some accounts, he was among the top ten offensive linemen at the combine.

Another angle that occurred to me was the fact that both of these men became Washington Redskins when the offensive line was in a real state of flux. It wasn't until a year after Jacoby arrived that the Hogs started getting it done (after an 8-8 campaign under a certain Joseph Gibbs). Tom Compton has found his way to D.C. at a time when one tackle is a drug suspension away from getting a very long vacation and the other (Jammal Brown) has struggled.

I think we would all be happy if Compton turned into a serviceable lineman, even if he came up short of any post-career comparisons to the great Joe Jacoby.