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Indecent Proposal: Plaxico Burress

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Fans explored bringing one Virginia Beach receiver to the District last week (Percy Harvin), so why not explore another this week? Plaxico Burress is back in the news again, mainly because he's unemployed and clamoring for a job. The team that Plax wants to play for, the Panthers, certainly have a young, impressionable quarterback in Cam Newton. Steve Smith thinks it may not be such a great idea to bring in the 6'5 veteran:

We don't really need a guy because we also have guys -- Brandon LaFell, David Gettis, [Kealoha] Pilares, [Seyi] Ajirotutu. We have some guys that are trying to make their way into the starting lineup and have a bigger role,

Adding a guy like that would take away some of their development so I don't really agree with it. Carolina has already come out and said they're not interested right now, but he's an exceptional wide receiver and can help a team. I just don't think it's the right fit for us right now. via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer

All of Smith's concerns can certainly be translated to the same for the Redskins. But this is still a team that doesn't have a proven red zone threat. Would a big red zone target be a key for a young QB like RG3? Do the Redskins have a strong enough locker room to harness Burress? Plaxico's numbers get kind of lost in the Jets circus last year but the twelve year veteran did have over 600 yards and eight touchdowns.