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RGIII Could Dunk in 8th Grade at 5'6"

With the Redskins all over the country enjoying their last month off before training camp, the interviews haven't stopped thankfully. The OCNN Network caught up with Santana Moss asking about Hankerson and RG3, and RG3 was back in his hometown granting an interview to the local, Baylor football beat writer.

It's clear Robert Griffin III is Donovan McNabb savvy when it comes to answering interview questions, ie - saying a lot without saying much (I swear that's the last time I'll use those two players in the same sentence), but he did reveal one interesting tidbit:

What's one thing that few people would know about Robert Griffin III?
I doubt that many people know that I dunked in the eighth grade when I was 5-6, just as tall as you, Jerry (laughing).

5'6"?! That is ridiculously short. Unfortunately, the interviewer did not ask the mandatory followup question if it was a tennis ball or basketball. I'm guessing the former. Who are some famous people about that height who also dunked? Here's a couple...

Nate Robinson - 5'9"

Spud Webb - 5"7"

Former Bullets who sadly couldn't get to the rim:

Muggsy Bogues - 5'3"

Earl Boykins - 5'5"

Lastly, here's a fantastic kiddie pic of Robert Griffin III with Robert Grfffin II.