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What Would You Give Up for Percy Harvin?

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Percy Harvin has been a hot topic in the Redskins community today, especially in the twitter world. Personally I'm opposed to trade anything valuable for Harvin, and by valuable I mean anything more than a fourth rounder for the Redskins. Harvin is certainly a talent but throughout his career he has public degraded his coach, had drug charges, has persistent migraines, and has mystery "viruses". His ability to be a playmaker as a deep threat and as a return man cannot be denied.

Let's get one thing straight, the Virginia Beach native is not likely to be traded and he certainly isn't coming to the Redskins. But if you could have him, would you? And for how much? Some feel as high as a second rounder could real in Harvin, others point to a pick and a veteran like Chris Cooley or Santana Moss. Kevin even suggested trading Orakpo to get Robert Griffin III a weapon like Harvin.

Lets hear it Redskins Nation...