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Redskins Offensive Expectations with Robert Griffin III

Statistically how will the Redskins improve in their transition from RG3 to the other RG3?
Statistically how will the Redskins improve in their transition from RG3 to the other RG3?

Robert Griffin III has come to DC with more fanfare than...well...anyone. Many have already labeled him a savior, rookie of the year and have gone so far to have their avatar on twitter or Hogs Haven switched to a picture of Griffin holding the Lombardi Trophy. It is certainly an exciting time to be a Redskins fan, but lets pump the brakes for a moment. The statistical success of Cam Newton last year has Skins fans salivating for the 2012 campaign. Can Griffin have immediate success? Absolutely. But comparisons to ($)Cam Newton should not be drawn. But what are reasonable expectations for RG3 and the Redskins offense for his rookie campaign?

Recently, ESPN's KC Joyner did a piece on the Top 5 improved offenses and defenses across the league. The Redskins were ranked as the fourth most improved offense in the league. Joyner cited the Redskins ranked 23rd last year in vertical yards per pass (9.7) despite Rex Grossman and John Beck ranking third in the league in attempts. The expectation is that Griffin will raise that stat to about 11 which, in turn, puts the Skins right at the league average and results in an extra 260 yards of offense over the course of the year.

Also, RG3's legs cannot be understated. Last year the Redskins were third worst in the league in only picking up 58 yards in scramble yardage. Griffin should vault the Redskins to about 275 yards in scramble yardage this upcoming year. All-in-all Joyner predicts the Redskins offense to improve by 535 yards in 2012.

So who ranks first in offensive improvement? The answer may surprise you...

Joyner has the Steelers and Colts in a tie for second in the improvement of their offenses. Perhaps you thought Andrew Luck's squad would be first? Wrong. The honor goes to the team that didn't trade for Robert Griffin III in the Cleveland Browns. With the additions of Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, and Mitchell Schwartz the Browns are expected to improve by 563 yards this year.