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Mike Shanahan called Belichick Before Signing Brandon Meriweather

ESPN NFC East writer, Dan Graziano, was at Redskins Park yesterday taking in practice and revealed this nugget:

As we know, since that time Meriweather was arrested in April for suspicion of driving while intoxicated and snapping one of the best mug shots of 2012. John Keim pulled up some nice playing nuggets from previous teams Meriweather played on:

Meriweather is an intriguing talent because he last made a Pro Bowl in 2010. Numerous league sources, though, cautioned against expecting too much from him. He's considered talented, but these sources each said they did not like his instincts. That led to him getting burned more in Chicago's two-deep system, but even the Patriots, who cut him last summer, tired of his style.

"He fits our system a lot better than he did in Chicago," Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said, "and I can see that on the practice field."

Hmm. The Patriots got tired of his style. That has "DHall" written all over it if I'm reading it correctly.

Here's how I envisioned that phone call between Shanahan and Bill Belichick went:


"Bill. How are you doing? Congrats on a great playoff run. (laughing) You should have called me on game planning the Giants.....twice!"


(pause) "What's up Mike. Kinda busy."


We decided not to resign LaRon Landry and we're in the market for a strong safety. Is Brandon Meriweather someone we can count on to be a locker room guy?


A locker room guy? You mean like the locker room guy you said Albert Haynesworth would be if he moved to a stable team like ours with Tom Brady?




I want my 5th round draft pick back.


Hey...we could have resigned Jabar Gaffney and Donte Stallworth. They both went back to you. Let's call it even.


I'm just f*cking with you. I've got first and second round picks coming out my ass. Yea, Meriweather is alright. If you've dealt with Albert, DeAngelo, and Donovan, this guy will be a piece of cake.


(fist pumps towards Bruce Allen and hangs up).


Haha. Siiiike. I'm just f*cking with you again. He's lost some speed and doesn't put forth 100%. 30% of Meriweather is still better than anything you got - just make sure you hire a driver for him 24/7......hello?

(hangs up)

Love that f*cker!! Watch this tee shot bitches!