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DHall Says the Darnedest Things

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It's been rare to have an offseason in Ashburn without some negative publicity or distractions, but this year seems to be the year to avoid it. Redskins' captain DeAngelo Hall seems hellbent on creating some, though. Recently DeAngelo "Once in a Blue Moon" Hall went on ESPN 980 to discuss Rod Smith and Shannon Sharpe's recent visit to Ashburn. He praised the veterans, as well as the overall excitement surrounding this year's version of the Redskins.

DHall went on to say he felt as if Sharpe was calling him out and staring at him when discussing practice habits to the team. Sharpe was essentially saying that if you practice hard then it translates to gameday. Then the Redskins captain dropped this little nugget:

And that’s something (practicing hard) that I have a hard time doing sometimes. I kind of like to kind of coast in practice, make it look as easy as possible, try to save it all for the game. But Shannon made the point that if you’re going so hard in practice that you feel like you’re playing in a game, then by the time you get to the game, everything’s easy.

I'm happy to hear our $9+ million investment is coasting in practice. With such a wealth of talent this will be a guy we all look back on in a couple years and say "you know what, this guy just didn't get 'it'". I'm still waiting for Raheem Morris to rub off, like so many thought. On the positive side, perhaps this does signal a change in the veteran's philosophy.