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Filed under: Lists RG3 as #1 Fantasy Breakout Star posted an article last week highlighting Robert Griffin III as the #1 fantasy breakout star. They watered it down a bit though:

Robert Griffin III, QB, Redskins: If you expect Griffin to duplicate Cam Newton and score close to 370 fantasy points as a rookie, well, you're going to be disappointed. With that said, I can see RG3 as a top 10 fantasy quarterback because of his combination of arm strength and skills as a runner. Draft him as a No. 2 fantasy quarterback with huge upside.

To me, that description seems right on, but our SB Nation Carolina Panthers' friend, Jaxon, over at Cat Scratch Reader took quite an offense to that:

Can you believe he's saying RGIII will be top 10 but not meet Newton's performance because of his arm strength and skills as a runner...which is exactly what they said about Newton but they certainly did't call him top 10 out of the gate. Hell, he went undrafted in a large percentage of fantasy drafts. RGIII should thank Newton for that, actually he should bow down before the Ace Boogie likes he's praising the football gods.

Now, the author of that article clearly said RG3 is not going to touch Cam's numbers, so why all the hoopla? The Cats had a brand new coaching staff and a rookie QB that steals from his teammates. I'm sorry, but that's not going to get a QB high praise in June mock drafts. He then goes on to list 10 reasons why RG3 and Luck will not touch Cam's record, and clearly, he does not know the Redskins offense that well:

Let's start with the obvious ones...

Excuse #6: They are pure pocket passers and won't look to scramble as much as Newton

Umm, no. Shanahan's offense is all about the bootleg and misdirection plays.

Excuse #5: They run different offenses that don't stretch the field as much

Explain to me then how Grossman and McNabb almost had career years in passing yards with the worst NFL WRs corp arguably the last two years? How many times did we see Fred Davis WIDE OPEN. Answer: a lot.

Excuse #4: Their offensive lines are bad

The Redskins certainly have this reputation, but last year wasn't that bad except for the RT position. Perhaps I still have a low bar from the mess Cerrato put together.

Excuse #3: They run more conservative offenses and aren't as creative as Chud (Ouch that has to hurt Shanny!)

Kyle Shanahan has been top 10 in passing attempts the last three years as an offensive coordinator (one with Houston) is that conservative?

Excuse #2, that we "don't have Steve Smith", I'll certainly eat my shoe on. Garcon and Josh Morgan are not going to be Pro Bowl QBs, but as a unit, they should collectively be able to do some damage. With that much speed on the field (Helu, Fred Davis, Niles Paul, Josh Morgan, Pierre Garcon), someone will be open and the numbers will come to RG3.

So, WTF is the point of my article? guy is right, Cam Newton super-fan is wrong. Over summer barbecues the next few months we're surely all going to face some RG3 haters, this article helps provide some ammo back. Just think of all those drives that were killed by a HORRIBLE Grossman decision or McNabb bounce pass. RG3's decision making and accuracy alone will make a difference...even as a rookie.

I'm headed to Redskins Park on Thursday for the last day of minicamp before the team breaks until training camp, so, good stuff to come.

Oh, and draft Demaryius Thomas. He's going to be a point machine.