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Mike Shanahan Has Quite the Denver Crib

Over the weekend, the AP reported that Peyton Manning is currently living in Mike Shanahan's Denver suburbia home while he's getting settled. Via Yahoo Sports (which also has a picture), Mike Shanahan has quite the pimp pad:

The house includes a bowling alley, a conservatory, a kids' arcade, a "wine residence," two bridges, a guest house that's almost certainly bigger than your regular house, a swimming pool (ditto), a poker room, a racquetball court, a video golf screen and a shuffleboard table. No tanning room was listed, but I'm assuming that's an oversight.

Man...that's some digs. Of course, Shanahan is getting $7million a year from Mr. Snyder, so I can't imagine the Coach is slumming it in Ashburn. Portis of course has a fishtank in every single room of his house, and the infamous stripper pole. LaRon Landry's house is pretty dope as well. I guess Landry knew what he was doing when he made everything LSU colors and not burgundy and gold.

Here's more details on the home, which Shanahan was having built when Bowlen axed him.

* Estimated cost of materials and labor: $7.1 million
* First floor living space: 15,664 square feet
* Finished basement: 13,347 square feet