Skins Fans Need To Readjust To Life With A Pretty Girl

For the last 20 years, we've all been dating ugly chicks. You can argue it if you want, but the truth is, they've all been pretty gross. And that's why it feels so weird to be back in the arms of a knockout. A ten. A frickin' ten.

No, I'm not talking about your significant other, I'm talking about the schlubs that Redskins fans have suffered through at the quarterback position. It has been so long since we had a real, attractive option behind center that for many fans, we simply don’t know how to react.

Now we have that quarterback in Robert Griffin III. The guy is a stud, he has all the tools. He also happens to be well-spoken and media savvy, and all of the publicity surrounding Griffin seems to have grown exponentially since joining the Skins.

We live in a culture of backlash, and it's coming for Robert Griffin III.

For most of the last year, America rooted for RGIII. From his brilliant performance against TCU on national TV to open the college football season, through the win over Oklahoma and his Heisman trophy, right up until the Skins traded up and drafted him, much of the nation loved Griffin.

It appears that's changing. Maybe it is slight, maybe it isn’t, but now the quirky socks and lovable attitude Griffin consistently displayed have become misconstrued as arrogance. Former Redskins quarterback (and definitely one of the ugly folks we hung out with for a while) Tony Banks took to the radio and labeled RGIII as a "little too cocky."

"He’s also, what I thought was humility, I think he’s almost a little too cocky," Banks told ESPN980. "Because the NFL game, especially at the quarterback position, can be very humbling."

The NFL can indeed be humbling, and Griffin will suffer through rookie mistakes. We will hear the idiots rant about Griffin's every incomplete pass and claims that he is a system quarterback who can't make it in the NFL.

Don’t listen.

For too long, when people dismissed the Skins because of a lack of talent at the quarterback position, they were right. Now, they aren’t. Criticism will stem from jealousy.

In a stretch that went two decades and included names like Brunell, Collins, Wuerffel and Ramsey, Redskin fans tried to bury their heads. Who knows what will happen with RGIII's career, but right now, we can hold our heads high.

When the inevitable backlash arrives, tune it out. We're with the pretty crowd now.