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Daily Slop : Chris Cooley Says RG3 Can't do it Alone; Redskins New-Look Secondary Starts With 3 Safeties

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RGIII dressed as a policeman for an Adidas ad - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Redskins rookie quarterback hits two downtown D.C. spots over the weekend, in an elaborate Adidas film shoot.

The Redskins Blog | 80th Tour: Richmond Fans Excited
With the added excitement of this year’s Redskins team — which includes the addition of No. 2 overall pick and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin III and key free agent acquisitions like wide receivers Pierre Garçon and Josh Morgan — Roger Hale said "the sky’s the limit" for the future of the organization.

A bit like 2010 for Grossman
Rex Grossman was there the last time the Redskins brought in a highly anticipated quarterback.

Redskins' new-look secondary starts with 3 safeties - Washington Times
Reed Doughty knows a coaching moment when he sees it. It's a bit hard to believe, but this will be the seventh NFL season for the sixth-round pick out of Northern Colorado. That makes him the third-longest-tenured member of the Washington Redskins and, by far, the dean of the Redskins' secondary.

Secret Superstar: Perry Riley, LB, Washington Redskins |
Trey Cunningham of PFF discusses the Redskins' Secret SUperstar, linebacker Perry RIley.

Skins Social: Any roster additions or subtractions coming? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Skins Social: Any roster additions or subtractions coming?

Projecting 2012 starts by Redskins draft picks--offense
The Redskins had fewer starts by their own draft picks in 2011 than any other NFL team. Rich Tandler takes a look at whether or not that might change in 2012.

Chris Cooley says RG3 can't do it alone for Redskins -
"Yes, the idea of an off-schedule play is always a key in the NFL," Cooley said. "But that's something that frustrates a lot of coaches and will sometimes frustrate players. You'll scheme this whole game and then all a sudden the quarterback or someone makes an off-schedule play that shouldn't happen. Robert's the kind of guy that can do those things. But for us to be a team that consistently wins, we have to have him doing the things we want him to do."'

Redskins' Grossman staying ready for when he's called - Washington Times
At 31, Rex Grossman has come to accept his role in Washington. He signed a one-year deal in mid-March knowing that the team almost certainly would select a quarterback with the second overall pick in the April draft. But that doesn't make it any easier to watch a 22-year-old rookie take your job.

Hall says he's helping to school Redskins QB Griffin | |
"I can't go home without somebody in the barbershop talking to me about the Redskins or telling me why we're not winning games and all this other stuff," Hall later joked to about 200 fans gathered in an auditorium. "Everybody wants to be a coach. But I promise y'all this, you will not find another group of guys who work harder. We've been hitting it harder than I've ever seen this team go."

Breaking Down the NFC East | Football Nation
How many teams from the NFC East will make the playoffs in 2012? Who has the hottest cheerleaders? The best overall players? Which team's head coach looks the most like a walrus? The NFC East Super Chart is here!

Random notes from around the NFC East: DeAngelo in the slot, and another new entry to the bEast profile pic All-Star team – Blogging the bEast

How much would replacement refs affect the NFL? | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Shutdown Corner: If the NFL and the NFL Referees Association can't come to terms on a new agreement -- and it certainly seems that they won't for a good while -- how will that affect the games? We assume the league will … Continue reading →

Roger Goodell making post-career transition for players a priority - Peter King -
EMIGRANT, Mont. -- Now there's a dateline I never thought I'd use: Emigrant, Mont. I came here Thursday at the invitation of Atlanta owner Arthur Blank to moderate a couple of football discussions for Falcons clients and suite-holders at Blank's Mountain Sky Guest Ranch. Now I know why the Spielberg family comes here for a week a year. No TV. No computers. I forded a creek on a horse Friday. ("Forded.'' Always loved that word. Never thought I'd actually do it.)