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Bryce Harper Continues His Conversion

You may remember this winter when Bryce Harper tweeted:

That’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when Harper re-affirmed his love for non-D.C. teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and Duke Blue Devils. ‘I love my Nationals, but im not a Redskins, Georgetown, Wizards, nor a Capitals fan! Cowboys cowboys cowboys for life!!! I hate those redskins! Hah.

Obviously this didn't sit well with the DC faithful and a mob of fans got their pitchforks out to attack the 19 year old. In Spring Training Harper decided to extend an olive branch and wear some Redskins gear, but Skins and DC fans just didn't think it was real. Then, today, Nats reliever Ryan Mattheus tweeted about Harper's continued conversion to the church of RG3:

Keep it up young man. Dropping bombs and blowing kisses...