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Re-Grading the Redskins 2009 Draft

I just came across this CBS Sportsline article where the 2009 draft was re-graded for all 32 teams. Here's the write-up on the Redskins:

1 (13) DE Brian Orakpo, Texas;
3 (80) CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland;
5 (158) LB Cody Glenn, Nebraska; 6 (186) LB Robert Henson, TCU; 7 (221) TE Eddie Williams, Idaho;
7 (243) WR Marko Mitchell, Nevada;

THE GOOD: Pass rusher Brian Orakpo has been one of the top defensive players from this draft class with a pair of Pro Bowl appearances already, starting 47 games and recording 28.5 sacks as a professional

THE BAD: Linebacker Cody Glenn was the Redskins fifth round draft choice, but didn't make it to the regular season before he was cut, spending time as a reserve for the Colts and Ravens the past three years

JURY STILL OUT: A third round pick, cornerback Kevin Barnes hasn't been able to crack the starting line-up and struggled in the nickelback role, but provides quality depth on the roster with three career interceptions.

Re-Grade: B

How did the Redskins get a B? Someone is sleeping with the teacher. First, the Redskins only got one starter out of this....and how much credit do the Redskins really get for drafting Orakpo, especially since they tried to trade the 3rd pick to move up one spot to get him.

I'm sorry, but this 2009 draft is porous in that it only added one starter. Let's take a qualitative approach here:

Orakpo: A (I'll give credit)
Barnes: D (On the board still: WR Mike Wallace and CB Lardarius Webb)
Cody Glenn: F (On the board: Safety Chris Clemons and any one else).
Robert Henson: N/A - I can't really give a bad grade since Henson showed promise before his knee injury.
Two 7th round picks: N/A These picks rarely contribute anyway, so I won't pile on.

Trades: A - The Redskins traded back in the 5th and got an extra 7th. No quality players were taken in between those picks, but the Redskins were only able to produce pre-season excitement.

Trades #2: F---- The Dolphins selected QB Pat White with the 2nd round pick that the Redskins gave them for Jason Taylor. Shady McCoy was still on the board and the Redskins guaranteed would have drafted McCoy if they still had their pick (assuming Vinny didn't trade it away for "Orapko").

Hogs Haven Re-Grade: D