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RG3 Trademarking RGIII, RG3, and Robert Griffin III

"Cease and desist letters are coming to you!!!"
"Cease and desist letters are coming to you!!!"

I guess this isn't too surprising, but RG3 (am I allowed to type that now?) has made some legal moves to protect and own the rights to his name:

Following his declaration for the NFL Draft, Griffin hired an attorney. Thereafter, he created his own company, Thr3escompany, LLC and submitted applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a total of four trademarks - RGIII, RG3, Robert Griffin III, and Unbelievably Believable. The first three trademark filings were made for "Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, shorts, footwear, hats, caps, athletic uniforms."

In short, all of those Redskins fans selling RG3 shirts, enjoy it while you can. It's a smart move. Why shouldn't he be the one to make money off his name. I'm now praying Orakpo and Kerrigan don't file a trademark for KERRAKPO.

In summary, I hope that some of the money made off his RG3 gear goes back into the community. DC schools so desperately need the help. I know a lot (if not all) of the money raised from Chris Cooley's pottery goes to charity.

(Tip of the cap to Holden Kushner)