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Monday Sixpack: Things Redskins Fans Should Expect to Hear Sometime This Summer

1. "You know...the quarterback that has looked the most comfortable during training camp is Kirk Cousins."
I think this is the lead pipe lock of the century. Someone is going to say it. It might only be true of a snapshot in time...a moment on the practice field that causes a beat reporter or a visiting analyst from ESPN, FOX, or any other major outlet to openly speculate on the controversy that absolutely is not going to be there. Remember to laugh when you hear this. It won't be a true statement. It won't be evidence of the whisper of a thought that Robert Griffin III won't be our starter. It will serve all of the above outlets though as a nice little headline.

2. "I can't wait to see the Redskins have a lot of success utilizing a multi-tight end set."
The Holy Grail of offensive formation strategy banter among Redskins fans the last few seasons! It looks like Chris Cooley will be ready to play this season, so once again, our attention will focus on how the Shanahans are able to get both Cooley and Fred Davis going in a meaningful way to help out the rookie quarterback. Every one of us has had glorious visions of a potent red zone attack featuring Cooley and Davis, but we have fallen short of those lofty expectations. Even Cooley has been frustrated with the team's inability to capitalize from having two gifted pass-catching tight ends. Whether or not the multi-tight end set is one that will fully benefit RG3 remains to be seen, but as long as Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are lighting it up, we will expect to see our own version.

3. "Reed Doughty is the most-trusted safety on the roster."
I have a saying: "Death, taxes and Reed Doughty starting at safety." These things seem equally inescapable to me, especially given the potpourri of bodies battling for starting spots in our secondary. We can all agree that Reed Doughty is not one of the best two safeties on our roster from a talent perspective. We can all agree that Reed Doughty's imperfections make him a natural to NOT be our starter. Yet what always seems to happen? You guessed it: "Starting at safety...#37...REEEEEEEEEEEEEED DOUGHTY!!" I can hear the #3 item being spoken towards the end of August, as coaches and players face the potential reality of one of our favorite players once again manning a starter's spot. It isn't fair to Reed, who is a very solid backup. He ends up getting beaten up by fans who lament the fact Doughty is our starter, when nobody is drawing it up that way at Redskins Park.

4. "Jammal Brown is 100% healthy and looks to be in Pro Bowl form."
The Redskins did not allocate a great deal of precious resources on the offensive line. One reason is because there were limited resources to start with, and another reason is the belief that a guy like Jammal Brown still has value to offer this unit. As long as he doesn't lift his leg and dump all over the coaches this summer, I expect to hear them sell me Jammal Brown all the way until September. The truth is that a healthy Brown could hold down the right tackle spot very well for us. He is capable of playing at a high level (I hope). Either way, expect to be served the Jammal Brown Kool-Aid early and often. Why yes...I would like a glass!

5. "Lorenzo Alexander took reps at every linebacker position today in practice on defense, and at both tight end and fullback positions on offense."
Let the speculation begin about a player that has proven time and time again he is capable of doing absolutely anything he is asked to do. It would seem his special teams prowess gives him a huge leg up to make this team, but I have already heard a few murmurs that he faces obstacles in securing one of the final roster spots. My response is generally, "Of course Lorenzo Alexander makes the team. All he does is everything." The one thing that keeps me from 100% dismissing these comments altogether is that the more positions they try Alexander at, the less of a spot it seems he has on the team. Are they moving him around because they envision actually playing him at all those spots during the season or are they moving him around because they are frantically trying to find a home for him?

6. "Graham Gano is head and shoulders above Neil Rackers."
Ahhhhh yes...a good old-fashioned kicker battle. Here is what makes our kicker battles so great: one guy displays Hall of Fame form on the practice field, causing the other guy to get cut, just before leading the league in craptasticness. Derrick Frost was the king of this. I expect Gano to beat out Neil Rackers for the kicking job. I hope this competition propels Gano to have a strong start to the season, which would get his head in a good place for the remainder of the campaign. I hope.