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Contest to Win RG3's Draft Day Socks

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robert griffin III running
robert griffin III running

The folks over at Adidas have been very kind to us the last couple weeks. I just received a new pair of the same socks that Robert Griffin III wore on draft day...."GO CATCH YOUR DREAM." We've done contests like this before with the Clinton Portis fall down, Brian Orakpo hold, and the Albert Haynesworth lunge (in case your happy hour beers creative juices aren't flowing yet).

The instructions are simple. See RG3 to the right? Drop him in a better background. Getting chased by terrorists, Cerrato, or Teletubbies? We'll see I guess...I'm never disappointed with you guys and gals. If you're not Photoshop savvy, no sweat, it's very easy to create one and I included instructions after the jump:


1.) Go to this url:

2.) Upload the background image you want...

3.) Click File-Open and import this png of RG3.

4.) Just like in MS Word, "Copy" (Ctrl+C) the RG3 image, then select the window your background image is in, and click "Paste" (Ctrl+V).

5.) Drag the RG3 image to where it needs to be.

6.) Click "Save" which saves the image to your computer, and then email the image to with the subject "RG3 Socks Contest."

**** Contest Ends Monday (5/7/12) at 12PM...where I'll post the best ones and we take a vote *****

---- Enter as many times as you like -----